Panorama Hotel Cattolica The desire to feel good together

“There are passions that are born with you and become ways of being that accompany you all your life.

Like hospitality.

There are habits that are part of our culture: they taught me to leave the door always open to anyone who wants to enter and to treat the guest as someone sacred.

In Romagna, “the guest” always comes first, then if there is a small space left, that is for you.

Our grandparents taught us this even before our parents: make others feel good and consequently you feel good.

Those born in Romagna are hospitable by nature and I have these roots well planted in the sand, which reach as far as the sea and take energy from there.

An energy that every day is transformed into smiles and the desire to be together, at the Hotel Panorama in Cattolica. My home is your home.”



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Everything within walking distance

100 meters from the beach, close to the Circuit of Misano

Romagna, land of sea and motors. Land of the sun that always beats on the beach and the desire to be together.

The Hotel Panorama in Cattolica is in the heart of Romagna, so close to the sea that you can reach us on foot in just 2 minutes, to enjoy every minute of your holiday and be immediately under the beach umbrella.

Hotel Panorama is in the area of Cattolica closest to the Marco Simoncelli Circuit in Misano. This is why we always host teams and drivers who recharge their batteries here in a quiet evironment with the right privacy.

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