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Cattolica and its Surroundings More than just sea!

Located on the border between the Romagna and Marches regions, as early as the Nineteenth Century Cattolica was known as the “Queen of the Adriatic” thanks to its geographical position in a large natural inlet, protected from strong winds and currents, and with a strip of very fine, pale sand an average of one hundred metres wide.

Featuring squares and splendid fountains, the resort is definitely one of the most elegant on the Romagna Riviera, and it is an excellent starting-point for wonderful excursions to the hinterland to explore the ancient towns and villages of the Montefeltro district, such as Gradara, Mondaino, Montegridolfo, Urbino and Montefiore.


Cattolica is also the ideal place to stay to watch all phases of the World Motorcycling Championship San Marino and Adriatic Riviera Grand Prix: the Santa Monica circuit at Misano, where you can thrill to all the excitement of speed, is close at hand.

Also of interest are the Cattolica Aquarium, with more than 100 display tanks housing sharks, penguins, turtles, jellyfish and many other marine species, and Cervesi Hospital, famous for its shoulder surgery.

Cattolica can be reached by means of the A14, motorway, Cattolica exit, or Highway 16 Adriatica, by plane directly to Rimini Federico Fellini Airport and by train to Cattolica station. Room hotel Panorama Cattolica.


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