Cattolica and its surroundings Villages, castles and nature

Who would have thought that a small fishing village would turn into one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Riviera?

This is how Cattolica was born, originally a destination for wayfarers, traders and pilgrims. Cattolica, also known as the Queen of the Adriatic. This nickname is due to its fantastic geographical position, in a large natural inlet, protected from strong winds and currents, in the shadow of the Monte di Gabicce, located on the border between the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions.

Delicious ice-cream parlours, colourful shops and typical restaurants embellish the whole city centre.
Do you love shopping? Then you should definitely stroll down Via Dante and have a look at the elegant boutiques that characterise it.
And if on one side Via Dante takes you as far as the fascinating historic canal port, on the other it takes you as far as Piazza 1 Maggio, Cattolica’s main square. Here every summer you can admire the exciting spectacle of the dancing fountains. This Show, which has become an exciting tradition for Cattolica, consists of a splendid dance of water jets that follow the rhythm of the music and are illuminated by brightly coloured lights. But there’s more! The whole area that includes Piazza 1┬░ Maggio and the historic centre is entirely pedestrianised, an aspect that makes every walk even more pleasant and safe, even with children.



What if we told you that walking for 5 minutes (not one more, not one less) from here, from the Hotel Panorama, you can come face to face with penguins and sharks?
Waiting for you in fact, there is the famous Cattolica Aquarium! The Park has over 100 exhibition tanks containing 3000 specimens of 400 different species from the seas all over the world. The aim and mission of the Aquarium: to show everyone, young and old, the wonders of the marine ecosystem.
Ask us for tickets at the reception, we always have special discounts.

And if you move away from the coast, you can fill your eyes with the shades and breathtaking landscapes of the hinterland. Cattolica is in fact surrounded by green hills full of enchanting villages and small towns. Gradara, Urbino, Mondaino, Sassofeltrio, Saludecio and Montegridolfo are just some of the places where you can live and breathe a truly magical atmosphere, adorned with bell towers, walls and splendid medieval castles.

And for today, what are your plans? Do you want to relax under the beach umbrella? Would you like to organise a trip to explore the hinterland? Would you prefer to browse the shops in the centre? Whatever your plans are, when you are here in Cattolica, we are always at your disposal to give you some ideas on what to do.
Together we find the perfect solution to make your holiday unforgettable.


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