Panoclub, the Panorama miniclub Laughing and playing in a special place

White and blue striped walls. Round doubloons with images of fish and seabed that catapult you to the bottom of the sea and make you imagine you are on board a submarine. Tables with chairs, lots of colours, a TV where you can watch cartoons, blackboards on which to draw, a mini exercise bike for children and a wonderful tent where you can read a fairy tale.

Welcome to the Panoclub, the mini club of the Hotel Panorama!



A safe and fun environment where children are free to express themselves and play.

At the Panoclub we all come back as children and playing has never been so much fun! Here the most beautiful friendships are born: from child to child, from parent to parent, there are always those who meet every year at the Panorama, and at the Panoclub, to laugh, joke and enjoy their holiday in Cattolica together.


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